• Linsey Shelton

Personality Workshop: Style & tone that builds trust with potential customers

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In this episode we talk about a how to be a person. That sounds silly but I'm not talking about YOU as a person, I'm talking about your company. If a company can't unify enough to show up like a person, then expect relationship struggles with its customers. We have relationships with people, not things. 

We will check in on your company's personality and pave the way for alignment across your team(s) so that you can cultivate trust with your customers simply by being consistent internally and externally. No more multiple personality disorder. 

Grab your note-taking gear and listen up.

Download the Worksheet

Here is the companion worksheet for this video. It contains two of the exercises in our Brand Lab book. There are two ways you can use these:

  1. Existing brands can assess themselves

  2. Lacking brands can get closer to the power of a brand

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